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We’re Ready to Help with your Concept

Internally, we have developed a wide array of prototypes and filed a handful of patents. Now we’re opening our internal resources, including proprietary information, to you! We have the experience it takes to bring your concepts into reality. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

Free Consultation

Companies happily pay out millions of dollars every year to regular folks who bring them great new product ideas. That’s called licensing – and if you have one of those great ideas, we will not only patent the concept for you, but patent and license the concept, which in turn could possibly turn your idea into what can potentially be a multi-million dollar payday.

If you do nothing, chances are that one day you’ll see your idea out there making someone else rich.

If you rush out to see a patent attorney, you might be spending tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Most ideas can be protected for a few thousand of dollars with the possibility of it to costing you nothing if we approve of the concept.

If you rush out to see an invention submission company, they’ll take everything but the gold in your teeth, and leave you with nothing to show for it but a bunch of empty promises.

If you rush out to market the new idea yourself, that means quitting your job, taking an extra mortgage, emptying your bank account and hitting up friends and relatives for whatever you can get. Most businesses fail, and if yours does, you might never financially recover.

The best solution is to keep your job, keep your money, keep your friends – and let some big company market the product for you. Let them have the risk. By licensing your product, the company signs a contract obligating them to pay you a royalty each month for every one of your products they sell. They make money and you make money. They’re happy and you’re happy.

The thing is, in order to reap the rewards your creativity can earn, you have to have the right companies on your side to make certain strategic moves and know certain secrets. We’re open because we don’t want to see you wasting your money, spinning your wheels, and maybe blowing the chance of your lifetime. Let us guide you toward the correct steps of cashing in on your great new invention.