An Industry First, Announcing The Digital Beer Handle

Until now, beer handles have always been analog, which led Empline to patenting the digital beer handle. The handle, developed by Andrew Koski, retains the traditional styling while allowing multiple beers to be dispensed out of one handle. Although current technology enables beer to be digitally poured, Empline expanded the concept to revolutionize the beer handle.

Please stay tuned for additional information, based on our timeline it will take around a year from now to have a functional prototype of this product, due to the complexity.

About the Author:

I simplify and streamline cutting-edge technologies, find solutions to everyday problems by using a realistic and creative approach. My completed endeavors range across a wide array of different industries. As of early 2015, a few of my sizable accomplishments would be filing a multitude of patents across a wide array of industries, develop uncharted business models mainly within the product design industry and launch Empline.